We are excited to announce the INERTIAL 2020 Tutorials!

Time and schedule to be available at a later date. 

Giacomo Langfelder

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

"What is good and what is bad challenging about frequency modulated inertial sensors"

This tutorial will first address a review of frequency modulated (FM) MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes, in terms of different possible working principles, along with an overview of the required electronic building blocks. The focus will then be moved on how to perform a system-level comparison against their amplitude-modulated (AM) counterparts, to highlight sensors and electronics requirements, and to identify the real advantages and a few drawbacks challenges of various FM sensing concepts. Perspectives for high scale-factor stability and high offset-stability will be commented in a stimulating conclusive discussion.

“Vision Aided Navigation, Guidance and Control in Natural Systems”

Abstract coming soon