Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima Prefecture is located in the southwestern part of the Japanese islands. It is rich in the natural beauty of the Inland Sea and the Chugoku Mountains, with mountains, sea, rivers, valleys, plains, basins that characterize Japan's landscape.

INERTIAL 2020 will take place in Hiroshima, Japan at the Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima, 23-1 Motoujina-machi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima Hiroshima, 734-8543 Japan.  

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Getting to Hiroshima, Japan

The Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass for foreign visitors offers you unlimited rides on designated transportation areas, including expressway buses on seven routes, all Hiroshima Electric Railway (Hiroden) streetcar lines, and ferries to Miyajima.

There are three types of passes available: the "Small Area" pass (City Pass), which covers Hiroshima City and the Miyajima area, the "Middle Area" pass,  which covers the western and northern part of Hiroshima and the Iwakuni area, and the "Wide Area" pass (Prefecture Pass), which covers the entire prefecture and the Iwakuni area. There are also the Small Area with Airport Limousine Bus and the Wide Area with Airport Limousine Bus available. For those who purchase the Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass, a unique guidebook (FUN PASS HIROSHIMA), which features sightseeing model courses and is full of discount coupons for tourist sites and restaurants in Hiroshima and Iwakuni, is also provided. The guidebook is written in English, French, and traditional Chinese.

More details here : http://www.bus-kyo.or.jp/pickup/pickup-6249.html
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Getting Around Hiroshima

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JR - Japan Railway Company

JR trains run throughout Japan. Riding the JR trains is a convenient way to visit some of Hiroshima's popular destinations. From Hiroshima City, you can catch trains for Miyajimaguchi (to visit Itsukushima Shrine), Saijo, Onomichi, and Fukuyama to name a few. Japan rail pass holders can travel on all JR lines except selected Shinkansen and express train routes.

The Hiroden Streetcar

Hiroshima's streetcars - known as "Hiroden" - is a convenient and cheap method of transportation in the city. They have eight routes within Hiroshima City and one route that goes to Miyajima. The Hiroden streetcars are a part of life in Hiroshima, helping its citizens move around the city for over one hundred years. The streetcars were the first public transport to restart after the atomic bomb. Even today, two of the streetcar carriages that survived the blast are in operation today.


Taxis are easy to catch throughout the city. There are taxi stands at stations, but most taxis will stop when you flag them down.


Astramline is the new electric transit system that runs from the center of Hiroshima City to the suburbs. It departs from Hondori in downtown Hiroshima and terminates at Koiki-koen-mae Station. The Big Arch Stadium - home to Hiroshima's Sanfrecce Football Club - is near the terminal station, making this line busy on match days.

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